1 Kings 18:41-19:7 – Mountains and Valleys…and Mountains

In the Christian life we talk about mountain-top experiences and times when we are down in the valleys.  We even write songs about it (The God in the good times is still God in the bad times…).  Elijah had a mountain-top at Mt. Carmel.  The LORD showed Himself to be the God to all those who were present, including King Ahab.  Elijah either slew himself or oversaw the execution of 400 false prophets.  And, after praying and seeking the Lord, the rain returned.  AND…then he outran Ahab’s chariot through the valley back to Ahab and Jezebel’s home.  What a day.

We might think that after Elijah heard the news about Jezebel’s threat on his life that Elijah would have instantly gone to prayer.  We might think that the prophet of God would call down another firestorm.  Instead he ran.

The reality is, God might have sent him to the mountainous wilderness.  What if Elijah had prayed and God had told him to go to the wilderness where food and water would be brought by an angel.  A very similar arrangement had been made not too long ago.  It was not where Elijah went that concerns us…it is that he did not ask God first.  Jezebel became the greater power in his heart and he feared her.

Praise God for his mercy and grace.  He know we are but dust.  He knows we do not always acknowledge Him in all our ways so that He can direct our paths (Prov. 3:5-6).  He provided for Elijah and He provides for us when we do the exact same thing…and we do.  Be encouraged to seek the Lord in every area of your life, even when an unexpected valley comes your way.

P.S. – When things are going very well in the church…when souls are being saved and people are being baptized, when children and teens are growing in the Lord and people are repenting and growing; Watch out for those who are critical and attack leadership.  Remember Jezebel.  Rebuke them and continue to fight the good fight.

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