1 Peter 2:11-17 – For Who’s Sake?

In God’s Word today we are reminded to live a life that is honorable before unbelievers and which is honorable before our governing authorities.  But the main point of today’s passage is not simply to not do bad stuff.  The main point of today’s passage is not simply about authority…although, both of these lessons can surely be taught out of these verses.
The heart behind Peter’s exhortation was the glory of God!  If we will live freely in Christ and for His glory and honor, people will see that in us.  Then they too will ultimately have to glorify Him as well.  We can live freely no matter the circumstances in the government because we have an eternal hope and future.  We can endure temporary difficulties because we have a higher power ruling over us.  When we live with these truths in our minds, people will be able to see that we are different and have hope in something bigger than all of the mess that consumes so many minds and causes such great distress.

We have an eternal and blessed hope.  If we live in light of that, people’s eyes and hearts will be pointed to the source of that hope!

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