2 Chronicles 5:1-14

As I look over this chapter in the Word of God, I see David as father preparing and Solomon using what David prepared.  When I examine David’s life, I see that there were older sons and Solomon was his youngest.  Why did God select Solomon who was David’s son by Bathsheba?  Only God in his sovereignty could know such things.  In II Samuel 23:5, David said of his family life, “Although my house be not so with God,” speaking of the imperfections of himself and his sons.  I see a lot of grace in David’s life. 

Now it is time to furnish the temple.  The ark is brought in.  Remember how far this ark has traveled from Sinai.  All through the forty years of the wilderness journey.  At one point in time it was captured and taken by the Philistines, much to their peril as it brought bad luck to them. Once it had been reclaimed by God’s people, wherever it rested it brought blessings.  God had clearly spoken as to the means in which the ark was to be carried.  Only the Levites were to carry it by means of threading 2 poles through gold rings (staves) that were placed on each side of the ark.  This way no one had to touch it.  Unfortunately it cost Uzzah his life for touching it in order to steady it and keep it from toppling off of a cart drawn by animals.   The ark represented God’s holy presence among His people, but he also required that they respect his clear cut wishes as to how to transport it.  Now in Solomon’s Temple it finally found a resting place.  The staves (rings) were not removed even after it found its resting place in the Temple.    Now there was a cloud that filled the house.  It says “even the house of the Lord.”  It is called the “house of God.”  We read in verse 17 the glory of the LORD filled the house.  It is God saying, “I can live here.”  Christians are now called living temples because God’s Spirit comes to live within them at the point of their salvation.  I ask myself, “Is He pleased to live in me?” 

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