2 Corinthians 1:12-24

This section begins with two interesting words:  simplicity and godly sincerity.  To one the Word of God is not complicated as some different religious organizations seem to suggest.  I have been a Christian for 58 years with only a high school education (and not necessarily successful in that) and had to rely on what I know from the Word of God.  Then the next phrase is godly sincerity.  Be sincere in a godly way in conduct or behavior.  To me it means be consistent in your behavior so that it matches what you preach.  If you don’t you will have all kinds of trouble.   

In verse 14 the Corinthian Christians were rejoicing in the Apostle Paul and Paul in the Corinthians, especially since he scolded them rather sharply in the first letter, and there was a great repentance which made Paul glad.  There was more to be done according to what we read in the end of this letter.  All may not be done at once.  Growth is sometimes very gradual.  We as preachers must be positive about Christ.  It is not yea and nay, but the promises of God in Christ as year and amen.  We don’t have to be ‘iffey’ people which I am afraid many Christians and even some of those who preach are today.  I would say: know what the bible says about Christ and preach (proclaim) it and then live the way you preach without any hypocrisy.


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