2 Corinthians 8:1-15

In these verses, Paul seems to be comparing the willingness of Christians in Macedonia with those in Corinth.  The ones in Macedonia seemed to be poorer than those who lived in Corinth.  Richer doesn’t necessarily mean everything, but willingness of heart matters.  I do think that Paul is using a pleasant psychology of sarcasm here to make his point.  Next we have the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ mentioned.  In Phil 2:6, He was in the form (God himself) not thinking something to hang onto, now coming as a man for the purpose of dying for me as well as the Corinthians and Macedonians. (This was proposed before the world’s foundation.       I Peter 1:20)  For me this is phenomenal, that we in His poverty might be made rich.  Think of leaving the glory of being God to be a peasant man.  Foxes have holes and the birds nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay His head.  Then we have the comparison with the people and manna in the wilderness.  When they gathered more than enough, there was nothing left the next day as the extra would rot, while those who gathered little had sufficient to meet their needs without any lack.  I can testify of this as having worked for God full time with very little money these past 55 years.  God is still maintaining me today still with nothing left over yet not lacking what I need.  I think this is God’s way of proving to me that He alone is trustworthy and able to meet all my needs.  I will close with the phrase from a song by Evie Tornquist and sung at one of Billy Graham’s Crusades: “Give them all to Jesus, and He will turn your heartaches into joy.”

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