2 Peter 3:7-12

How would I live if I knew that this world was not to last forever?  I would be looking for the proper way out of it.  We know by this time the way out is Jesus Christ by His dying for our sins.  Next we find how God reckons time.  He can look down the corridors of time and to him1000 years is seen as only a day.  We can’t reckon time that way.  To me a day is just a day-a period of 24 hours.  God is waiting for sinners one at a time to accept his gift of salvation.  The word repentance means they must realize the condition their heart is in and turn to Christ for salvation.  We can’t come to God unless his grace and mercy pursue us and convict us of our sin and need for a savior.  He wants us to follow Him with our whole heart.  We must realize that  this world and universe is not forever.

I may consider myself a builder making a mark on this world.  The only mark I can make is to bring souls out of this world by preaching the Gospel to them.  We cannot salvage anything else from this world.  Since all of this is true and the world and its works are dissolved, what kind of people should we be?  We should be the cleanest people so that someone might see us and want to go to Heaven too.  We are not made for this world anymore.  Now we are looking for and hastening the coming day of God.  why should we want to rush this kind of day?  Because what God wants, I should want as well.  I am not afraid of what God is doing.
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