2 Timothy 3:8-12

Jannes and Jambres seemed to be the magicians who for a time were able to do some of the things God did at the hand of Moses, but they could only go so far.  Paul is comparing them with so called Christians who twist the truth to their own advantage.  Without truth they can only go so far like the magicians of Moses day.  We have people like this in our world today too.
On the other side of the picture is Paul.  He was totally open about what he taught what kind of life he lived.  His purpose was to please Christ.  The rest is in verses 10 & 11 including his persecutions.
The end of our focus today is Paul saying that all that live godly shall suffer persecution. If you want to avoid any kind of persecutions just do nothing and be nothing and no one will bother you.  However we do have a kind of freedom in this land that others in other lands do not have.  How are we using this?
At this moment I have perfect freedom to preach about Christ in many ways.  I thank God for this and hope for a harvest of souls.
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