A True Witness For Jesus Christ! – Revelation 14:1-13

Despite the rise of the antichrist and the increased judgment of God upon sinful men for their wickedness and rebellion, God’s desire is still for people to be saved.  God will raise up 144,000 Jewish witnesses during the tribulation to preach the gospel and multitudes will be saved!

1.  The message comes from God – the gospel
2.  The mandate comes from God – chosen, sealed and sent by God
3.  The power comes from God – God protects and enables these witnesses
4.  The product comes from God – God redeems a multitude out of all people groups

In the same way we face a difficult time to witness,  Many are in rebellion against God but God has called us and equipped us.  God has given us the gospel message.  If we will be faithful to proclaim it, He will bring about the harvest!  Look for someone to share the gospel with today!

Walk with the Lord and be a true witness for Jesus Christ!!!

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