Acts 10:34-48

These verses record the meeting of the Apostle Peter with the Roman captain named Cornelius.  He had to learn some things before he could approach this Gentile.  Until then it seemed like all the Jewish Christians only preached to Jews about the Gospel of Christ dying for sinners.  Then Cornelius and his household believed and were moved by the Holy Spirit and baptized.
Since Peter had to be convinced by God that all men were eligible to have the same gospel that the Jews had and get eternal life.  What about us with all kinds of racial divides?  In days of slavery it was said by some that black people didn’t ever have a soul.  Thank God that did get changed historically.
Now we have to examine ourselves as to how we stand.  I have been a prison chaplain (volunteer) for 32 years.  On Friday nights we have more Black people and Hispanics than whites.
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