Acts 13:14-25

Paul and his traveling companions came to a synagogue in Antioch on the Sabbath day and just sat down.  Whether they were known or unknown in this area we are not told.  After the reading of certain parts of the Old Testament, either Paul or his companions are asked if they want to speak.  A word of exhortation is just words used to encourage and build up those in the body.  Paul was always eager to preach the gospel to all who would listen. 

I find it interesting how Paul begins with the story of Israel’s  deliverance from Egypt.  He moves onward in time to the days of King Saul, then King David and then on to John the Baptist.  John points to Christ and says that he is not even worthy to loose his sandal straps.  He is now ready to introduce his followers to Jesus who we know to be the Savior of the world.  He is the great Son of David.  People called Him that in His way.  This reminds me of the story of blind Bartimaeus and his healing and how it resulted in some Jews believing and many Gentiles were very anxious to hear it again.

  Something similar also happened to me, however perhaps without the same results.  I was part of a gospel team in England called “The American Gospel Team” and we came unexpectedly to a small church near our base on the North Sea peninsula.  When it was time for someone to speak, they asked if anyone wanted to speak.  None of the others volunteered, so I who had only been saved a couple of years at that point volunteered to say some words.  I felt as if the Holy Spirit provided me with the words to speak that day.  Words which I knew did not come from me personally, given that I was not as yet well versed in all the Scriptures.  God is able to use a willing and humble vessel to get His message out. Now some 59 years later I still see God working in a similar way with those who are willing to yield their life to be used of God.  
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