Acts 17:1-9

As Paul comes to the city of Thessalonica he goes first into the synagogue.  He used a principle that we find in Romans 1:16 which is to start with the Jew first and then also to go to the Greek.  Despite Paul’s message, there were Jews who listened but rejected his message and ended up becoming his persecutors.  Yet we know that in that short amount of time there were enough that believed his message that Paul wrote the two letters to church in Thessalonica to establish them and correct some errors in their thinking. 

There seemed to be a solid believer named Jason who became the brunt of the persecution when the Jews thought that he had harbored Paul and Silas in his house.  However, Paul and Silas had continued on to a city called Berea.  The Bereans were more noble because when they heard Paul and Silas, they searched the Old Testament to see whether the things they heard were true.

So now, what do I make of this?  When someone preaches the Word of God, let us not take the word of the preacher at face value, but prove whether what is said is true.  We have the New Testament now, so it is easier to do this.  I preach to some people every week.  I tell them not to only take my word, but to get it for themselves.  I Thessalonians 5:21 tells us to: “
Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.”  We when put this into practice by digging and searching in the Word, we will find we too are noble like the Bereans. 
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