Acts 18:1-17

Priscilla & Aquilla are interesting people who seem to be walking in the will of the Lord.  Paul met them and worked with them making tents.  It seems according to this and other scriptures Paul did this so as not to burden the poor churches. 

In Corinth Paul issues a statement to the Jews by shaking his robe that he was now turning to the Gentiles.  However, two prominent Jews of the synagogue believed in Jesus.  When we preach, there will be some fruit, but we also need to expect opposition as well.  Paul finds this to be true his whole life.

Paul then gets a vision from the Lord not to be afraid because He is with him and to keep on preaching because He had many people in Corinth.  Whether or not we hold the doctrine of predestination, Romans 8:29 tells us clearly of God’s for-knowledge. Paul continues there for a year and a half preaching and teaching with great results and much fruit as many people are being saved. 

Next we see trouble brewing, but God comes in to protect Paul through a deputy named Gallio.  He stops the insurrection and calms the people down at the court.  He tells the Jews not to bring anyone to him unless he has committed a crime and is breaking Roman law.  Since their complaints against Paul were against their religious laws, he tells them to settle it themselves and not to get him involved in things of no significance to him.  Then he drives them off

Now what do I take away from this?  First, I am thankful for the freedom I have in proclaiming the gospel of Christ in this country.  No one outwardly opposes me, so I am still able to preach it with all my might.  I have been called to this for around fifty-eight years.  How about you?  Have you shared the love of Christ in your area of influence?  Time is precious but it is also running out.  Let’s make the most of what time we do have to actively pursue getting the gospel message out to all who will listen.

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