Acts 18:1-17

I find it interesting how the Lord by the Holy spirit moves people around. Paul now leaving Athens and comes to Corinth.  Paul now meets two Christians who recently came from Rome because they were both Jews and the Emperor gave a command that Jews leave Rome.  Now Paul works with them in their trade as tentmakers.  Interesting too that Paul did this so he wouldn’t be a burden to the Corinthians.  I see the wisdom of this as I go through His two letters to the Corinthian church. 
In verse 9 the Lord spoke to Paul in a vision telling him not to be afraid.  Corinth was a rough city.  Then the Lord told Paul, “I have many people in this city.”  Many were not yet saved but in His foreknowledge he could say this.
In verse 14 we can see God bringing protection for Paul and his fellow workers by a man named Gallio.  God can do the same for us when we need it.
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