Acts 20:25-38

In this chapter we find the Apostle Paul’s one last visit to the elders of Ephesus. The elders warn him about returning to Jerusalem and the danger he would face doing so.  Paul is compelled by the Spirit to go despite any danger to his life.  The elders are sad because they will not see him again.

There are certain key phrases found here.  The first is Paul says that he preached “the whole counsel of God.”  He left nothing out.  The second is that these men were appointed as elders by the Holy spirit and not just by men.  They were to feed (scripturally and spiritually) the Church of God purchased by the precious blood of Christ.  The third is a warning that wolves (ie. men) energized by Satan would creep in and tear apart the flock of God. They are to beware and on guard to deal with this appropriately when it does occur.  We have seen this in the whole course of history of the Church of God.  They are warned to watch.  That meant they were to stand their ground. 

Paul commended them to God who was (and still is) able to build them up and to give them an inheritance among the sanctified ones.  That refers to all of us who know and love Christ.  Paul said then instead of being a burden to the flock of God, he worked sometimes as a tent maker to meet his own needs.  The last is a term dear to all of us:  “it is more blessed to give than to receive.”  Even if it is not money, we can give love or some word of encouragement to help lift someone spirit up.  There are many ways that we can give.  The key is being in tune to the Spirit’s leading and give with a heart full of love.
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