Acts 23:11-28

The Lord Jesus assured Paul that he was faithful in testifying of Christ in Jerusalem and that he would also have the chance to bear witness of him in Rome.  This passage encourages my heart as well for if I continue to stay faithful He will lead me in the way I should go and provide opportunities to witness for Him.  He has given me those opportunities through the use of Bible studies and the passing out of gospel tracts. 

Next we are told of the plot to kill Paul.  There were more than forty men who promised not to eat or drink anything until they had killed Paul.  I’m curious if they all starved to death because they were not able to kill him.  They had planned to ambush Paul, but Paul’s nephew over heard their plan and warned Paul.  This young man (Paul’s sister’s son) is only mentioned once in the scriptures and he was the instrument that God used to deliver Paul and move him on to another city.  Later Paul said, “I obtained help from God.”  Perhaps you can be used of God in a similar way this young man was, to warn others of danger.  Warning the lost of the danger of the judgment to come is one way.  You can look for these times and be alert to the Spirit’s leading.

Another character we find in this story is the Chief Captain who acts quickly and sends Paul to another city called Ceasarea to a judge named Felix.  This is yet another step in the journey to Rome.  We as Christians are all on a journey.  Each day is one step closer to Heaven and et
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