Acts 26:19-32

Paul uses an interesting phrase, “I was not disobedient to the heavenly vision”.  This of course is Christ speaking from Heaven.  I know we can’t copy that, but do we have anything to compare with this.  To me the whole Bible is a heavenly vision.  It changed my life and I was not disobedient to it.  Somewhere in the Proverbs there is a phrase, “Where there is no vision the people perish.” About 50 years ago I attended a revival.  The preacher spoke of something by Amy Carmichael.  She told of blind people about to run over a cliff and a number of people who could have done something were delighted in making daisy chains. I am afraid this is true of much of Christianity today.  We pay someone to do the work we should be doing.  Perhaps the part about daisy chains is fictional but the principle is true.  Is there anyone who will learn by this?  Paul gets an answer from Agrippa.  You almost persuaded me to be a Christian.  Are we able to persuade someone or do we even want to?

By Pastor Curt Darling

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