Acts 5:12-23

This passage begins with many miracles performed by the apostles.  We find that they are gathered on Solomon’s porch of the Temple.  It seems that no one dared join them, probably because of the people’s animosity.  Still there were people coming to the Lord by the multitudes.   Next we see that many people were being healed  that even the shadow of Peter might cause someone to be healed.  This became a real sore spot for the High Priest and Sadducees who were a group who didn’t believe in the resurrection.  That would mean they could not have accepted the resurrection of Jesus. 

The apostles were put in a jail until they could know what to do with them.  Next they were delivered from prison by an angel.  The angel told them to go back and speak in the temple, the most dangerous place to be at the current time.  They were to speak all the words of this life of Jesus.  Next we see the council of Priests coming together.  When the command to bring them out was delivered, they discovered that they were missing from their jail cell.  They were doing just as the angel told them, preaching the gospel of Christ at the Temple.  We are seeing the dangers of that era of preaching in our world today.  As of yet, we still have that freedom here in America, though there may come a day when we no longer have it.  Do you use this freedom to bring people to Christ?
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