Acts 5:12-23

The first thing I find in these verses is that God did special miracles by the hands of the Apostles. One of the significant facts of the New Testament is that the Apostles had gifts of healings that no one else had.  I don’t have room enough here to explain this.  There is much done in the name of Christianity I don’t agree with.
Next we see the high Priest and the religious Jews decide to put the Apostles in prison.  Then an angel comes and takes them out of the prison and commands them to go back to the Temple and preach.  So that is what they did.
I know we are not Apostles but we have come a long ways since then and not to our credit.  The church has given everything to the preacher and the person in the seats do nothing much of anything.  It is time individual Christians got busy.  It is almost like Christians are content to let people go to the place of eternal punishment.  Get busy!
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