Acts 6:1-15

First we see that the wonderful things we saw previously in Acts did not last.  In this chapter we see a partiality of how widows were taken care of. So the Apostles rather than leave the teaching the Word of God asked them to choose men to handle the distribution of goods for the widows and other things.  The men they chose (seven) are listed here. Now I want to call attention to one man, Stephen.  We don’t really see his part in the distribution to the needs, although that was what he was chosen for, but we do see him powerful in preaching the word of God.  I know it is important to see that the widows are cared for but perhaps more important that the word of God is preached.
I came to Danville, IL to work at Grace and Truth gospel printing, but I also found that there was a great need in preaching the word and visitation an after a car accident I gave myself to more full time in preaching the Word.

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