Acts 8:26-40

I find it interesting that the Angel of the Lord is used here.  This is the same name used in the Old Testament and used in connection with some act of Godlike character.  We who preach say it is the preincarnate ChristJust a few verses later, it is the Holy spirit that tells Philip to join the  Ethiopian man in his chariot.  This man whose position in the world seemed very good, appears to have a hunger that this world and his position were not able to fill.  He had a hunger for spiritual things.

He was reading from Isaiah chapter 53.  This chapter tells of Christ dying for our sings at least six different times.  Philip asks him if he understand what he is reading.  The man replies with, “How can I if someone doesn’t guide me?”  This is an opportunity ripe for picking.  One could say it’s like saying “sickem” to a well trained dog!  Philip doesn’t waste his opportunity to witness to the Ethiopian ruler.  I wouldn’t mind if my preaching was always that easy.  However, when God is working, I seem to know it.  When we are serious about being available to work for God’s purposes, He gives us a chance to join Him in His work and shows Himself strong on our behalf.

The Ethiopian man’s heart was ripe for the moment and he accepts Christ and is baptized right on the spot in a nearby body of water.  Immediately after this event, Philip is taken away by the Spirit, and the Ethiopian man goes on his way rejoicing in his new found salvation.  We are told that there are Christians in the country of Ethiopia today because of this man’s testimony and preaching of Christ!  While I have no personal verifiable proof of this, it is very possible that this is genuinely true!  Now the questions is: Are you willing to be used of God to reach out to a lost one with the gospel message of salvation?  Salvation is not our work, but rather God’s work.  We only have to be willing to be used by Him.
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