Acts 8:26-40

Phillip seemed to have a wonderful work among the Samaritan people.  Would it not that he should stay there to perfect the work he started? However he did not start the work, but it was the Spirit that did the work.  Now Phillip is asked to move on to a new horizon and a new horizon it would be in Africa.  We are now introduced to the Ethiopian man, a very important man , a kind of Butler to a queen.  By the time all is over this man believed in Christ and was baptized, and rejoicingly went back to his own country.  Historically this is the start of Christianity in his home country.  History seems to tell us that there is a working Christian people that probably came from his testimony.
I have taken this as a personal lesson.  He didn’t know much but he knew Christ.  I am sure God could teach him much more.  We must let the Lord by the Holy Spirit use us if we are willing to let Him do it. 
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