Acts 28:1-16

 Grace is a wonderful thing. In Romans 3:25 (New King James Version) God has passed over the sins previously committed when we find God’s righteousness in Christ. 
Now Paul is saying “shall we continue in sin that grace may abound?” I like the KJV words, “God forbid.”
Baptism is mentioned in two ways in these verses.  The first is by the Spirit which says into Christ and into His death. The second mentioned is buried with Him and rising with Christ to walk in newness of life.  This to me is the water baptism testimony. The next is the release for the slavery of sin having our old man crucified with Christ.  Then we have the term dead to sin and alive to God.  We are to reckon ourselves as that.
In our last verse we are not to let sin reign in our mortal body.  Once upon a time sin was king before I accepted Christ.  Now it can’t be that any longer. As Paul repeats, “God forbid.”
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