Avoid Heart Trouble! – 1 Kings11:1-13

Often these days you will hear of someone being hospitalized for heart trouble.  Today’s passage speaks of something far more dangerous than physical heart trouble – spiritual heart trouble!  Solomon disobeyed God’s warning and multiplied foreign wives to himself and then began to worship their false gods.  Solomon gave his heart to these false gods and it resulted in the nation of Israel being divided.

1.  Distraction – focus on the physical rather than eternal.
2.  Disobedience – married many foreign women which God had said not to.
3.  Destruction – As a result of wanting to please these women and himself more than God, Solomon lost his kingdom.

Pride is a deception that will cause us to walk the pathway to destruction.  Guard my heart from pride.  Look for ways to humble myself today.

Walk with the Lord and avoid heart trouble!!!

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