Avoid Procrastination! – Exodus 8:1-15

When Pharaoh was asked by Moses when he wanted the frog plague to end, Pharaoh answered, “Tomorrow”.   Why not now? Pharaoh procrastinated with his decision to end the plague and to yield to God to let Israel go.  There are different reasons that I procrastinate.

1.  Stubbornness – I want to make my way work
2.  Fear – I fear I am not able to do what I should or I fear the results
3.  Selfishness – I delay because I think the action will not benefit me

Procrastination is really a lack of faith on my part.  I must believe and obey (do what I am told, when I am told, with a right attitude) God regardless of the circumstances or the consequences.

Walk with the Lord and avoid procrastination!!!

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