Believe in the Lord and be Blessed! – Exodus 12:25-36

The end of verse 27 from today’s Quiet Time passage ends with this statement, “And the people bowed the head, and worshiped.”  They had just heard the requirements and the provision of the Passover feast and the celebration of this week…how God had distinguished them, how He was going to preserve them and how He was going to bless them.  Their initial response was to worship God. 
This worship was followed up by what we should expect…obedience.  The people did just as they had been told.  They sacrificed, they ate, they applied the blood.  God did exactly what He said He would do as well, which the people had certainly come to expect by the 10th plague.
Who was responsible for the blessing of the people of Israel?  God was of course.  BUT, God required of the people obedience.  If they had refused to apply the blood, there certainly would have been death amongst the children of Israel.

So what can we do today?  We have been given God’s all sufficient holy Word!  Let us bow down and worship Him, and let us faithfully obey Him, living our lives for His glory.  The children of Israel were promised specific blessings after their obedience and so are we.  We may not have promises of plunder, but we do have promises of certain blessings in this life and certainly in et

Believe the Lord. Obey the Lord.  Be blessed by the Lord!

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