Celebrate The Savior! – Deuteronomy 16:1-17

In chapter 16 Moses begins to review some of the feast days that the children of Israel were to observe. In verses1-17 he talks about three pilgrimage feasts. These feasts required a trip to the tabernacle. All of the feasts pointed to the future need of and work of Christ.
1.  Feast of Passover – Christ is the Lamb that redeems us from sin.
2.  Feast of Pentecost – Christ fulfilled the law and has given us the Spirit.
3.  Feast of Tabernacles – Christ is the provision, protection and power to live victoriously in the wilderness of this world.
Today we do not keep these feast days but daily offer up the sacrifice of praise for the finished work of our Savior and offer our bodies as living sacrifices for his service!
Rejoice and celebrate the Savior right now in your life!
Walk with the Lord and celebrate the Savior!
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