Conquering Compromise! – 1 Kings 18:17-29

Ahab, the prophets and the people had all compromised in their worship.  We are also tempted in this way and to look to something or someone other than the true God as worthy of our desire, delight and duty.

1.  Take responsibility for our sin – Ahab blamed Elijah
2.  Refuse to be influenced by popular opinion – False prophets were not willing to stand alone
3.  See the futility of false gods – People did not know who was most powerful

Whatever we see as most powerful to provide what we think we need we worship.  Whatever we worship we serve – give the priority of our time, energy and resources.  Whatever we serve determines our joy and blessing.  No one can serve two masters!  Choose to worship and serve the living God!

Walk with the Lord and conquer compromise!!!

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