Cross Your Red Sea! – Exodus 14:1-14

The children of Israel left Egypt only to be pinned against the Red Sea by the Egyptian army.  Many times we face situations like this in life. Things seem to go from bad to worse. What should we remember in times like these?

1.  Position of the Red Sea – The Red Sea represents our position in this world. Impossible, scary, hostile are all words to describe our circumstances.
2.  Power of the Red Sea – The Red Sea represented an obstacle too big for man only way of deliverance was God.
3.  Purpose of the Red Sea –
    – To strengthen faith
    – To seal commitment
    – To settle judgment

The Jews were told to “stand still and see the salvation of the Lord”.  To cross my Rea Sea I must trust and obey.  If I take care of my responsibility God will take care of His. Remember that nothing is impossible for God!  Keep the commitments I have made to God!

Walk with the Lord and cross your Red Sea!!!

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