Cultivate A Fruitful Heart! – Mark 4:13-29

In this section Jesus gives the interpretation for the parable of the sower.  The seed is the Word of God and it is sown in the soil of the heart.  The fruitfulness of the Word is determined by the type of soil that it falls upon.

1. Leaky Heart – unbelief and rejection cause the Word to not bear fruit

2. Stony Heart – offenses cause the Word to not bear fruit

3. Thorny Heart – distractions cause the Word to not bear fruit

4. Ready Heart – reception through obedience brings about fruit 

My job is to keep my heart ready to receive God’s Word!  Keep your heart with all diligence by removing stones and thorns and keeping the soil tilled – ready to believe and obey!

Walk with the Lord and cultivate a fruitful heart!!!

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