Daniel 2:31-43

The thing I find interesting is that God gave this king an interpretation to his dream through Daniel.  This scenario is similar to Joseph’s interpreting Pharaoh’s dream many years earlier.  However, one major difference was the king could not remember his dream, only that it greatly upset him.  God revealed to Daniel both the king’s dream as well as its interpretation.  Our verses speak of what this dream is about which are five world kingdoms, four of mankind and one of God.  I will now seek to bring up the description of the kingdoms.  First, the head of gold in the dream represents the Babylonian empire of which this king was the head.  Then there was the Medo-Persian kingdom which already happened in Daniel’s time (see chapters 5 & 6).  After followed the Greek Empire of which Alexander the great was the conqueror.  Next was the Roman Empire and the toes with the mixture of miry clay are representative of a sort of Democratic revived Roman Empire.  This will be broken up when the Great Stone comes into view which is the Lord Jesus Christ.  This didn’t happen in His first coming because He came to bring salvation then.  However, next time He returns He will come to reign in what we know as the Millennial kingdom.  Jesus said, “The stone which the builders rejected has become the head of the corner.”  (Matt 21:22)  In that same verse He says, “ Whoever falls on that Stone shall be broken (the Jews) but on whoever it falls it will grind him to powder.”  This is the Gentile nations, symbolic of what is left of the Roman Empire.  It symbolizes the whole image that King Nebuchadnezzar saw in his dream.

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