Daniel 6:1-15

In the former chapter we have Belshazzer drinking wine out of the holy vessels taken from the temple at Jerusalem.  I want to pause here and say we are holy vessels and need to be careful what goes in and what comes out of us.  Anyway, Belshazzer lost the kingdom that very night and was killed.  Now Darius the Mede was to take over.  So he had to make up what we call in our day a cabinet.  Daniel because of his excellent spirit was the likely one to be in charge.  This was not liked by the others.  Envy took hold of the others and they looked for a way to destroy Daniel.  However they couldn’t find a way to accuse him.  Then they said that the only way would have to be about his God.  The plan was to appeal to the pride of King Darius and have him make a decree to demand that his people only make petitions to himself.  The king seemed pleased to do this.  There is a Bible phrase that says pride is deceitful.  When king Darius knew the plan was against Daniel, and the law was that it could not be changed he was very sorry, but he had to go through with it.  We know the outcome that Daniel was saved, and his accusers were destroyed, and God was glorified.  I must guard against prideful decisions because the outcome can be devastating.   
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