Daniel 9:11-19

Today’s passage is the part of Daniel’s prayer and confession after he learns from the prophet Jeremiah that seventy years would be the time of the captivity.  It also states in Isaiah’s prophesy that there would be a king named Cyrus that would make the decision to send Jews back to build their temple at Jerusalem (Is. 45:1-4)

Now Daniel makes his prayer personal and inclusive even though he wasn’t part of the sins that brought them where they are, he is owning a part when he uses the words, “we” and “us”.  When we pray a prayer of confession, do we own a part even if it is the sin of a nation or church?  Probably Daniel was not quilty of the sins that brought the nation down.  Our own nation is corrupt today.  Can I confess a part of the iniquity of my beloved USA like Daniel did?  God will judge this nation as well.  Whether I like it or not, like Daniel, if I am still here it will affect me too.  At the end of Daniel’s prayer, he gets his answer in the seventy week (years of sevens) prophesy that extends from Nehemiah’s mission to rebuild Jerusalem to far beyond our human existence to the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

When we pray do we have faith enough to look for an answer and what kind of a prayer do we pray?  Daniel’s prayer is a good example of how we should pray. 

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