Dealing With Doubt! – Luke 7:11-23

John the Baptist was in prison.  In his experience of suffering for the cause of Christ, he had some doubt concerning Christ.  He sent messengers to Jesus to ask about his doubts.

1.  Jesus Responded – Jesus did not ignore this problem.  He listened and then gave an answer.

2.  Jesus Reassured – Jesus did not rebuke or ridicule John for his doubt.  He answered in patience and kindness.

3.  Jesus Reaffirmed – Jesus declared the evidence of fulfilled prophecy and demonstrated the attributes of divine power and love to answer John’s factual and emotional doubt.

We are often tempted to doubt God.  We doubt His Word, His character and His authority.  Satan is the initiator of doubt.  Submit to God – acknowledge His rightful place, Rehearse His true character – that God is good.  Review the evidence that is all around us – creation – that speaks 24/7 of His existence and truthfulness.

Walk with the Lord and deal with doubt!!!

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