Deuteronomy 10:1-10

The book of Deuteronomy is a history of God’s dealings with Israel.  Those who are hearing these words were under 20 years old when the older generation refused to go into the Promised Land the first time.  Some have titled Deuteronomy as: “The Rehearsal of Wilderness Ways.”  This reminds me of a song from the 1960’s titled, “Oh Will They Ever Learn” probably written by someone who was against the Vietnam War that no doubt expresses some of the same feelings Moses must have had.

Moses reviews with the people how after he broke the first set of stone tablets he went back up the mountain and received two more written by the hand of God as well as instructions for how to build the ark of the covenant which would house these tablets.  Next we read about the death of Aaron.  He also played a part with Moses in the striking of the rock instead of speaking to it to get water for Israel.  The rock represented Christ which only had to be struck once representing his death on the cross for us.  After the initial incident of striking the rock, God told Moses to just speak to the rock for the living water to come out.  It was Moses’ anger that caused him in frustration to strike the rock twice and thus sealed his fate that he would not get to enter the Promised Land for disobeying God’s command. 

The next thing of note is the tribe of Levi.  They were chosen to meet the spiritual needs of Israel.  They were to have no inheritance once in the land of Caanan, instead they were to live in the cities of Refuge and their lives were to be dedicated to ministry to God’s people. God was to be their inheritance, not lands or goods. Would that be good enough for me, for you?  We need this kind of attitude.  Is God enough?

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