Deuteronomy 4:21-31

This is a heartbreaking statement by Moses, “The LORD was angry with me.” I wonder how many times God has been angry with me.  What a terrible price Moses had to pay.  Really what did he do?  Temporarily Moses took God off the throne and put himself there by speaking inadvisably with his lips.
We have just seen that Moses did make a terrible mistake, but he continued to give the Israelites instruction.  We must remember that all the ones that were 20 years and older died in the wilderness. This was a new group of people Moses was talking to now.  These were the ones under the age of twenty. They would be allowed to go into the land.
Now what have I learned from this.  The first thing is that I can make a mistake that is very serious.  In this day of grace there is no mistake that is unforgivable.  The second is that Moses in his love for God instructed the people of the Israelites as an obedient servant of God, even though he would not be allowed to go in himself.  He pleaded with God to let him go in but God said no.  Then he goes on to instruct them as to how to enter the land.
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