Deuteronomy 5:22-33

These verses speak to us about the voice of God and the fears of the people.  They said to Moses that he should go near and hear what God had to say.  In that way Moses became a mediator between Israel and God.  I feel that in some way the same thing still happens today but in a slightly different way.  Some folks tend to feel that their pastor, because of his special training and intensive study in God’s Word, is more equipped to interpret it. Thus they tend to ride along on what he has to say rather than dig and search the scriptures and hear from God themselves.

In the case of the Israelites, they were really afraid of God.  They didn’t want to look upon Moses face after he had been with God until the sign of God’s shekinah glory had worn off. They said to Moses:  You speak with God and we will listen and you tell us what He wants and we will do it.   That brings us to the law which God gave to Moses.  Did they really follow through and keep it?  I remember memorizing that law in catechism class years ago.  Did I keep the commandments?  Absolutely not!  No one can keep the law.  The whole point of the law is to show us our sin and that we need a savior.  That is why we needed Christ to die for us.  None of us is righteous and can fix our sin problem, but Christ did it for us

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