Genesis 41:1-16

God moves in mysterious ways, His wonders to fulfill.  My thoughts go back to Genesis chapter 15 and Abram’s dream that his future children would be in Egypt over 400 years.  Then there was Joseph’s dream that his brothers would bow down to him.  Poor Joseph didn’t know all he would have to go through to fulfill those dreams.  Then there were the dreams of Pharoah’s butler and baker that would bear out that Joseph could be an interpreter of dreams. Now the dreams of Pharoah about the seven years of plenty and then the seven years of famine which Joseph would successfully interpret.  As a result, Joseph would be elevated to the place of holding second in command of the nation of Egypt.  Eventually this would bring Jacob and all his family to Egypt where the people of Israel would live for four hundred and thirty years.  This fulfilled the vision given to Abraham many years prior to this.

I now will repeat:  God moves in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform.  Now I want to say that God is the same as He was then.  Allow Him to move in your life that way and I can promise you from my own experience, He will.  Today not by visions and dreams, but He will work in your life if you allow Him to.  

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