Enjoy The Lord’s Supper! – Mark 14:22-31

Jesus celebrated Passover with His disciples.  He spoke of fulfilling the old covenant which the Passover represented and the establishment of the new covenant which would be commemorated by the Lord’s Supper using elements symbolic of His body and blood.  According to Paul in 1 Corinthians 11, this observance was to be a time of:

1.  Appreciation – “in remembrance of me” – remembering God’s love for us and deliverance from sin.

2.  Examination – “let a man examine himself” – clearing any offense with God or men.

3.  Anticipation – “till he come” – looking for the return of the Lord Jesus.

Jesus is the Passover Lamb whose blood was shed for the deliverance from death.  Thank you Lord for saving my soul!  Help me not to count this deliverance lightly but to keep short accounts with God and men.  Thank you for the hope of deliverance from the presence of sin one day when you return!

Walk with the Lord and enjoy the Lord’s Supper!!!

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