Ephesians 2:14-18

In the temple area there was a wall.  It is called the middle wall of partition.  It separated the Jews and the Gentiles.  Now Christ came along, died for both Jews and Gentiles breaking down that wall that separates.  He is our peace.  That could be white and black  and all races of people.  That makes us part of the new humanity.  What have I to do with the old anymore?
I love the word access.  People use it in computer terms to access a website.  It means the way in to the Father by the Holy Spirit.  We have the privilege of coming into the presence because of Christ’s blood.  (Hebrews 10:19)  Now if we have this why don’t we use it more.  I believe it is because of the presence of sin or unbelief in our lives.  Would you settle for the pile of dirt we call this world when we can access the Heavenly portals?
I believe most of us are aiming to low. Live in the good of what we have in Christ.
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