Ephesians 6:10-17

We are told in the beginning to be strong in the Lord and the power of His might.  In myself I cannot hold my own. The old devil is sharp. He will defeat me if he can.  We are to take our stand and it is not to be like Custer’s last stand which was foolish not waiting for reinforcements.  We cannot handle this alone.  We do have the words, “having done all to stand.”  There must be no let up in order to gain the victory.  You will notice all the way from head to foot is mentioned, but there is nothing for the back. 
Now let’s look at the armor parts.  There is to be truth around our waist.  This keeps us walking in truth without stumbling. Then we go to the feet. I cannot walk without the solid shoes of the Gospel.  I cannot be iffy about my salvation. 
Our shield is faith where what is thrown at us can be quenched by our faith.  I passed over the breast plate of righteousness.  If I don’t have personal righteousness, I will most likely lose the battle.  People will say, “Look at him.  He cannot handle his own life, why should he preach to me?”
Then we need protection for the head.  That is where satan may attack first.  I must know I am saved without a doubt.
Then end is praying always.  We cannot let up on this.  Sell the Word always.  We must never let up on this.
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