Escape The Wrath Of The Lamb! – Revelation 6:1-17

Much is said these days about the love of God and His mercy toward sinners without discussing His holiness and wrath against sin.  The same Lamb who was slain on the cross and shed His blood to pay the price of our sin will one day bring the terrible judgment against sin that is described in Revelation 6.

1.  First Seal – anti-christ
2.  Second Seal – war
3.  Third Seal – famine
4.  Fourth Seal – death
5.  Fifth Seal – martyrs
6.  Sixth Seal – catastrophic events

Like Noah escaped the judgment of the flood by being in the ark, our only escape from judgment to come is to be in Christ!  We must trust in Him and share His salvation with others to escape the wrath of the Lamb!

Walk with the Lord and escape the wrath of the Lamb!!! 

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