Esther 1:13-22

This is an interesting story but I don’t know exactly what to write about it.  Now the question that comes to my mind is whether Vashti was right or wrong in refusing to come to show off her beauty to a bunch of men who probably had been drinking.  I could be opinionated to say she was probably right in the circumstance, but it sure cost her a lot.  There is a vast amount of difference in women’s rights then, and even in many parts of the world today than women’s rights now in our country. 

Now what is to be done with Vashti?  The king’s counselors said to make her an example to other wives in the realm. She needed to be put down as Queen.  Her royalty was to be given to someone better.  Esther comes in in another part of this story but it is not for me to blog today.

Now let me go back to my original question.  We live in a day of beauty contests where women strut around and make more of a show than they need to.  Should Vashti have done that?

Now we look at the standpoint of God’s sovereign will.  His first priority is what is to be done to save Israel.  Queen Esther who is chosen will be able to do just that. Praise God He is always in control.


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