Esther 4:1-17

In the former chapter the wicked man, Haman, seems to have succeeded to a plot to kill all the Jews in the realm.  Mordecai is to be hanged on the gallows Haman has constructed.  The whole plot seems to have been going well.  In Monday’s blog, which I am responsible, I mentioned about God who is Sovereign in making it possible for Esther to be Queen.

Esther seemed troubled when her cousin, who was like a father to her, was sitting at the king’s gate in sackcloth with ashes on his head.  She had to find out what was wrong.

Mordecai told her of the plot and what she had to do.  She was fearful for she could lose her life if it failed.  Mordecai simply told her the possibility that she had come to the kingdom at this time was to be used of God to save the Jews.  By this time we who know the Word of God believe this was true.  Esther said she would do it even to the point of possible death.  However, she asked for prayer from the Jews and also the maidens who served her.  We know from future chapters the Jews were saved and Haman and his family were destroyed.

I want to talk about the worth of joint prayer.  I do believe God knew what He was going to do, but there is never a wrong about asking God for urgent needs. Frivolous prayer is not needed, but urgent prayer is never out of line.

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