Exodus 15:1-13

This is called,” The Song of Moses”.  It may be the first and last time all were together in jubilant thought with Moses.  Before this until the sea opened up there was complaining.  After this more complaining which lasted for the forty years in the desert.  Pessimism is easily caught, especially when fearful conditions exist! Next I want to talk about the term called the right hand of God.  Does God have a left hand too?  I believe this refers to Christ pre-incarnate. This very same Person is called the arm of the Lord in Isaiah 53:2.  Certainly He would not be the left arm.  He is the very One who when by Himself purged our sins, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.  He in Colossians 1 has creatorial powers.  Now let’s talk about this song.  It is the song of triumph.  It will be the song never to be repeated throughout their whole wilderness journey of forty years.  Isn’t it easy to forget a time like this when things go wrong?  God is the same God of the Red Sea and later the similar opening of the river Jordan.  He is the same One who said, “Lo I am with you always.”  The same One who Paul said would cause him to triumph.  We can have a song of triumph too.  Don’t let bitter trials cloud our vision.
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