Ezekiel 2:1-3:7 – Motivation

In today’s passage, Ezekiel is commissioned to be a prophet to the nation of Israel.  He is told that he is not going to a foreign people with a foreign tongue.  Instead he is going to his own.  Ironically, the people who speak different languages would be more likely to listen than those who could readily hear and understand what Ezekiel would preach to them.  He is told that the people of Israel are stubborn and will not listen…but at least they will know that a prophet of God has been in their midst.

If this was the beginning of the book and all of chapter one had not happened (Here is a clip that might help to visualize chapter 1…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gn-u1nvFbEI) we would think that Ezekiel would not be jumping at this career move.  But chapter 1 did happen.  So, Ezekiel did not have to rely on the praise of man or the response of man to his message to motivate him to ministry.  He was doing it because of his adoration and obedience to the God who sits on the throne who had specifically called him to this ministry.

Fast forward to the time of the New Covenant.  Today we are all commissioned to proclaim the message of the Gospel.  And, many times we are fearful of what people will think or what other’s opinions will be.  We may even assume that people will be stubborn and obstinate like the Israelites were to Ezekiel (and so many other prophets).  But we have a different promise.  In Matthew 16:18, Jesus declared a critical truth.  He said, “I will build my church.”  This reduces our responsibility in the matter to simply sharing the truth.  God is the one who convicts and brings people to repentance.  Furthermore, instead of promising that people will not listen, Jesus promises that some will!  Ezekiel was told that Israel would be stubborn.  The disciples and the church are told that people will listen, because Jesus is going to build His church.

So be encouraged.  You may not have witnessed wheels with eyes and lightning and cherubim with four faces and the presence of God’s glory.  But, you have seen the Word of God and you have seen the miracle of salvation and the process of sanctification in your own life and the lives of other believers.  Are these miracles of God and His love for you enough to motivate you to please Him regardless of man’s response?   Will you be a messenger of the Good News?

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