Ezekiel 36:16-25 – Proper Perspective

Israel is the benefactor of a great promise in Ezekiel 36.  The LORD is going to return them from their exile back to their land.  But the latter half of the chapter gives us a different perspective than we might initially think about when considering why this return would be a good thing.

At least five times Israel is told that this return is for the sake of the name of the LORD.  God was going to do this because the reputation that He had acquired as a result of the testimony of the nation of Israel and their subsequent discipline was unacceptable.  

This reminds us about our purpose.  God does not exist simply for our benefit.  We exist for His glory.  God is not just a powerful being who gets people into heaven.  He is almighty God…He deserves all praise and honor and worship.  His name and reputation is to be honored and magnified for all to see.  Those of us who have put our faith in Christ are now ambassadors (2 Cor 5:20) just as Israel was supposed to be.  We are the Body of Christ, the visible representation of the invisible God.

Is your life proclaiming the name of the LORD?  Is your testimony bringing praise to Jesus Christ?
Let’s live for the greatest purpose we could ever imagine…to spread the fame of the name of the LORD!

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