Ezekiel 39:17-29 – Setting Things Straight

This finale of this section portrays the great final feast of the remains of the fallen army.  But this is not just a passage about feeding the animals!

The bigger picture here is that God is setting everyone’s understanding of who He is straight.  All the world will know that God is good and just, etc.  All the world will know (including Israel) that Israel has suffered all that it has because of its own rebellion…but that now God is fulfilling His gracious promise.  God will be shown to be an all-powerful, and all-loving and gracious God, and everyone will know it and acknowledge it.

I think we can apply today’s quiet time in principle by portraying these attributes of God to the world in how we live our lives.  When the world looks at the church today, do they see a people who truly lives as though our God is all-powerful and all-loving?  The world will not yet acknowledge these things about God…but they should at least see that people who follow Him live differently. 

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