Find Meaning In Life! – Ecclesiastes 1:1-18

In this book of the Bible, Solomon shares his testimony.  He had looked for meaning in life through the things of this world and came away empty.  Solomon made several wrong choices.

1. Chose to look at the world from only the horizontal perspective without accounting for God. v.3,9,14 – “under the sun”

2. Chose to believe that the earth was eternal and not temporary but that men were temporary and not eternal. v.4 – “the earth abideth forever”

3. Chose to think that nothing could change or be made right. v.15 – “crooked cannot be made straight”

If we look at life and make choices based on only our own wisdom we will come to this same conclusion.  True wisdom is seeing life from God’s perspective.  There is more to life than what we see.  There are things of eternal value and significance.  Through Jesus Christ the wrong can be made right and the old can be made new!  Life does have meaning in Jesus Christ!

Walk with the Lord and find meaning in life!!!

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