Fly Like An Eagle! – Exodus 19:1-13

God not only wanted to redeem Israel from Egypt, He also wanted to change them and use them for His glory.

1.  Stir Up The Nest – God broke the nest of Israel so that they would learn to fly.
2.  Strengthen The Wings – God let them struggle (face trials) to use and strengthen their wings.
3.  Soar With Another Power – Eagle must learn to trust the laws of aerodynamics to overcome the law of gravity. Israel had to learn to trust God by faith to overcome the “law of sin”.

God will stir up my nest. He will allow tests and trials.  I must learn in these trials not to trust my own wisdom and strength.  By trusting the “law of the Spirit” to overcome the “law of sin” in my life.  The very things that satan wants to use to defeat me can become victories as I allow God’s strength to be made perfect in my weakness.

Walk with the Lord and fly 

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