Folly Of A Fake Follower! – John 13:21-30

Judas was a fake follower of Jesus. His false profession ended in folly and destruction.

Purpose – Greed – Judas pretended to follow Jesus because he loved Jesus but he really wanted to become rich.
Practice – Deception – Judas was dishonest with God, self and others.
Passion – Self – Judas feigned that his desire was to please God but in reality self ruled his heart.

What is my reason for following Jesus: material blessing or love for Jesus?  How do I walk with Jesus: in truth or deception?  What is my goal in following Jesus: to please God or to please self?

A true follower of Jesus is not perfect but does have a desire to love Jesus in truth for God’s glory.  Jesus showed love for Judas right to the end but Judas sadly chose folly.

Walk with the Lord and choose to be a genuine follower of Jesus Christ!!!

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